Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Welcome back!

Welcome back! The Red Letter Days blog is open for business, and we’re thrilled to update you about all the excitement.

Who’s “we”? That’s Rebecca “Bek” Gaffney, Mia Saling, all the wonderful people who work with them to create stunning and unforgettable events, and me. I’m Jessica Kelley, friend to Bek and Mia – and former client! The two of them are so busy coordinating events and running Red Letter Days, Wedding & Event Coordination, LLC that they asked me to post weekly updates to let you know what’s going on and give you a peek into the fun. To begin, I want to just share information about the two of them (which you may recognize from their main website) so that you have an idea of who’s behind all the gorgeous scenes that will be appearing here – besides the talented photographers, of course.

Rebecca Gaffney
Wedding and Event Coordinator
Favorite food: Popcorn
Fill in the blanks: Jimmy Choo is sexy; barefoot is sexier.
Favorite author: Fyodor Dostoevsky
First CD I ever bought: The Beatles White Album
Buzzwords: Absolutely fabulous.

“Our success is judged by how well we translate our clients’ creative vision into an event that is uniquely their own. And I’m convinced that the reason I’ve achieved this level of success is because I work with the best clients in the world! Yes, they’re unbelievably creative. But they’re also skilled communicators, they’re completely grounded and engaged. . . . I mean, how lucky am I?”

Mia Saling
Wedding and Event Coordinator

Favorite food: Fresh crab
What captures my heart: Kindness
When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be: An actress
When I’m not planning an event, you’ll probably find me: Scuba diving in Bonaire
Buzzword: Outstanding

“The partnership that Rebecca and I have built is pretty special. On one hand, both of us are energized by the collaborative process. We come up with great ideas together! But we each have strong leadership abilities, and we’re really into getting things done, so we’re both also very comfortable working independently. I think I’m at my personal best when I can get “hands on” by turning an idea into something that makes a huge visual impact – like getting the lighting just right so that it plays up the table settings at an event.”

And me? Well, as I said, my name is Jessica Kelley.

I’m a book editor and magazine enthusiast. My wedding colors were bright pink and leaf green, and next week I’ll tell you more about the planning process as I experienced it with these amazing women.
Have a great week, and make each day a red letter day!

~ All photos in this post by Cary Pennington. ~