Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rehearsing happiness!

July, as you probably know, was one of the most popular months this year for weddings because of the wonderful 7/07 dates. One of the great weddings Red Letter Days did during July was that of Kristen and Jim. They got married in Las Vegas, where they met and have made their home for several years.

Their ceremony and reception were a blast. Today, however, I want to share some shots that Mia took at the rehearsal.

The rehearsal can seem like just one more thing, a rushed addition crammed into a busy day that most people would rather spend hanging out with friends and family or completing last minute tasks, but it's vital to the success of a wedding.
As you can see in the photo above, there's a lot of "You go here, and then she'll come in from over there . . ." And we all know from training on the job, there's no substitute for actually doing something. Talking about it and planning it out is great, but moving our bodies around corners, up hills, and down aisles is completely different from just thinking about doing those things.

It may be obvious where every one's going to be staged before their entrances. Then again, when you get on-site and remember who's wearing heels and who will have on full suits in 100+ heat, everything may end up getting revamped!

Just how long will it take x members of a wedding party to get from point a to point b? Better to find out now than when there's a danger of the music running out. Aiee!

Given the happy, glowing haze that couples experience on their wedding days, it's nice to have practiced walking back down the aisle so that they can just go on autopilot when they're all legal and in their fancy duds! Kristen and Jim have got the hang of it.

And they're having fun figuring it all out -- even in the Vegas heat!

It's crucial for the younger members of the wedding party to be at the rehearsal. They learn by doing even more than the giddy grown-ups. Really tiny flower girls and ring bearers should be accompanied by all the helpers and assistants who'll be giving a hand on the big day. If they're going to be directed to walk to Grandma, then try to have her there and in the place she'll be during the ceremony so that the run-through is as accurate as possible -- which will help eliminate attacks of shyness at the big moment.

Rehearsals are also a great time for bridesmaids and groomsmen to get to know each other better and get the hang of walking arm in arm. Even if everyone already knows each other, it's good to practice since few of us walk around like this on a daily basis! It's also helpful to have a general idea of whether you'll have to adjust your stride (if there's a big height difference), and to start repeating to yourself to slow down! and lower your bouquet!

Having fun and ironing out the details at the rehearsal means a more relaxed ceremony. Now grab your bag and get over to the rehearsal dinner -- there's a big glass of ice water and a lovely bottle of wine with your name on it!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot stress enough what a beautiful job you did with the rehearsal. I personally appreciated how well organized the event was, and the close attention that was paid to every detail. You took into consideration everything from where the best photographs would be shot to the comfort of the wedding party. Walking in 3-1/2 inch heels isn’t always easy! Plus, the rehearsal turned out to be a lot of fun! Thank you Red Letter Days for a job exceptionally well done!

Emily Frazer