Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christina Franklin

Photography: Cary Pennington ~ Cary Pennington Photography
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I was so lucky the other day to get to meet Red Letter Days general manager Christina Franklin for coffee. She is awesome! Christina is one of the sweetest and nicest people you can imagine, and she is a complete pro at her work.

She got started in this industry more than nine years ago. New to San Diego, she got lost in La Jolla and parked in front of the Grande Colonial hotel to ask for directions. It turns out they were hiring, and the rest is history!

Christina worked in many different departments over the years, including the front desk, reservations, catering, sales, and events -- her true love. In fact, she often went above and beyond her regular duties for brides and other clients who needed a bit of help, stepping in to offer the kind of assistance an outside event planner usually provides. She loves people and always wants to lend a hand.

In addition to countless weddings, Christina also has a strong background in corporate events. She helped lots and lots of companies throw celebratory receptions when they hit business goals, as well as holiday events and other parties. She said, "I love learning about different companies and meeting different people. I always ask a million questions when I'm doing events." That's the best way to make sure every element is just right.

In her position at the hotel, Christina worked with Red Letter Days right from the beginning -- and was impressed right off the bat, too. She always noticed how passionate everyone was and how they put themselves out there doing things that were different. She said, "We just clicked. They are genuine and good and have so much creativity."

She knew that she wanted to be involved. "I've been on the venue side for so long. I'm excited to be on the other side. At the hotel, I always jumped in to help and plan." No matter what work Christina has done, she's always come back to events.

She laughed when she told me that she sometimes thinks her job should feel harder -- but it doesn't. "It's just natural for me. I'm always thinking about how happy [the clients] are going to be." She explained that she loves being there for people and seeing them happy. She confessed, "I become friends with almost all of my brides."

And it might sound silly to some, but Christina thinks that the work that she and the rest of Red Letter Days are doing can even be a small step toward saving the world. "It's so important to society for people to come together and have celebrations. I love being involved in seeing people get together, because that doesn't happen all the time. Weddings turn into family reunions." And with all that joy going around, you know the world is just a bit happier!

Behind the suit . . .

Christina moved around a lot growing up since her father was in the military, but spent the most time in Arizona and Washington. She met her husband after moving to San Diego and is familiar with the entire area, having lived in East County and the beach communities.

With her amazing smile and sweet, sweet heart, Christina is a wonderful person to have involved in your event. Red Letter Days is so lucky to have her!

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