Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Staff Soiree: Hotel Catering

What a treat! Thursday night, Bek and Mia hosted all the Red Letter Days staff, plus a couple of special guests, at one of their social and educational soirees. One of the cool things about the company is that on a regular basis, they invite everyone over for an evening of delicious snacks, catching up, and learning more about wedding and event coordination.

This week, working with a hotel catering staff was on the agenda. Julie from the Omni, Amber from the Grande Colonial, and Chrissy, drawing on her extensive experience at the Grande Colonial (see Chrissy's bio), generously donated their evenings and shared their best tips for ensuring a great flow and smooth event. As with so many things in life, it turns out that by being respectful and organized, we're already on the right track -- and that makes Chrissy and Bek very happy!

Okay, to be honest, there's a lot more than that to coordinating a successful hotel event. Mia and Bek had excellent questions and possible scenarios, and Julie, Chrissy, and Amber gave great advice and background on how things work at the venue. There is so much more going on than the guests (or the hosts) ever realize, and a strong relationship between the coordinating staff and the hotel personnel is essential. Thanks to this get-together, the staff is all set to make that happen -- every time!

I love all the information at these soirees, and it was flying fast on Thursday. Having the expertise of professionals from two different types of hotels -- a lovely historic property and a grand modern space -- was awesome. Julie, Chrissy, and Amber covered all the bases, and happily, everyone still had time to enjoy the snacks! Mia's baked brie with homemade pesto is a crowd favorite. I can't wait to stuff more information into my brain (and munch a bunch more brie) at the next staff event.

It wasn't all work, though, and we have the pictures to prove it! Taylor, Scarlett, Julie, and Jen spent some time in the kitchen exchanging tips and having fun.

As we chatted and learned, we caught Taylor during a quick break in the kitchen . . .

. . . and Jen and Scarlett hanging out on the couch.

Bek and Mia gave an update on the company and what's coming up, and I can reveal that there are so many great things in store at Red Letter Days. The coming year is already booked with a ton of fantastic events, and things are just getting brighter and brighter. I'm so excited!

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