Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget: An Album and A Way of Being

It is important to keep in perspective that in the face of great adversity, there was great courage and strength shown that day in New York and throughout our nation, and that is a large part of what the American Spirit is all about.

Liem Walker
Seasong Recording Label

Today is September 11. Pausing for reflection? We sure are.

Today is also a day to show gratitude for our brave service members who sacrifice ease, comfort, and safety for us. In keeping with showing thanks, Mia and I are very proud to share with y'all a project that we've had the pleasure of participating in for the last year that does exactly that.

"Never Forget is a tribute album to our military families for their support, sacrifice and dedication to our nation and to all those whose lives were lost or affected by the devastating events of September 11, 2001. Developed by Seasong Recording Label utilizing the talent of some of today’s most respected and legendary Nashville artists, this CD is a compilation of the American spirit..." (Never Forget press release)

"...For Sherry Johnson and Liem Walker, owners of Seasong Recording Label...inspiration for this collection of songs came from the creation of the USS New York Navy ship...crafted in part from seven and a half tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center Towers. The ship was christened in New Orleans this past spring, and the event surrounding the christening featured live performances of the songs “Never Forget” (by two-time Grammy winner Rebecca Lynn Howard) and “USS New York” (by the legendary Charlie Daniels), both found on the Never Forget album." (Never Forget press release)

"A portion of the proceeds from album sales will go to Hope for the Warriors™, an organization established to support service members wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan and their families. Hope for the Warriors™ actively seeks to ensure that the sacrifices of wounded and fallen warriors and their families are never forgotten nor their needs unmet. Hope For The Warriors™ programs cover a multitude of support needed by not only the wounded but by their families and the families of the fallen." (Never Forget press release)

So how are Mia and I involved?

Two years ago, our dear friend, Roxanne Reed, who wears the hats of Founder and CEO of Jane Wayne Gear and All Fired Up Candle Company as well as military spouse and full-time mom, asked us to join her in creating Marketing to Military Group (MMG), a public relations and project development firm that works with "civilian" companies to create ways to reach the military community. Through introductions made by friends and colleagues, Roxanne connected with Sherry and Liem, and their project inspired all of us at MMG to offer our assistance.

We're very honored to have been a part of the consulting team that created such an inspiring tribute. And what a thrill for a team who adores music so much! "In addition to Rebecca Lynn Howard and Charlie Daniels, the album features new music from country music superstars Aaron Tippin, Tracy Lawrence, George Jones, Pam Tillis, Tanya Tucker, Michael Peterson, Randy Travis and Darryl Worley, as well as newcomers Lloyd Knight, Leah Faith and Justin Ryan. Much of the album's original music was written by Anita Cox (Freedom Hill Publishing)...make your contribution through an album purchase at iTunes, or The album is available now at all digital retailers and hit retail stores on September 9, 2008." (Never Forget press release)

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