Friday, October 03, 2008

Amber Robinson

Photography: Cary Pennington ~ Cary Pennington Photography
Makeup styling: Sarah Price ~ Couture Makeup Artistry

I'm so lucky that I once more was able to spend time chatting with a fabulous woman of Red Letter Days! I spoke with Amber Robinson and found out that her wonderful smile and knowledge of show tunes is accompanied by an inspiring depth of experience with weddings and events. She's amazing!

Amber got started when she was just a kid. Her mom was in politics, so from an early age, Amber was involved with fund-raising and charity events from golf tournaments to pancake breakfasts. She always loved weddings, like so many of us, and she received excellent career advice right from the beginning: figure out all the facets of your industry.

Amber first worked at the front desk of the Radisson in Sacramento, then transferred to accounting before moving south. In Newport Beach, she took a part-time position with a special events florist. True talent isn't content with a part-time schedule, though. Within two weeks, Amber was handling all the sales and marketing, meeting with brides to help them create their visions in flowers and then relaying everything to the designer. They did 320 weddings a year!

After a couple of years, Amber began dating her future husband (they just got married in May!) and moved farther south to San Diego. Moving back to the world of hotels, she joined the staff at the Grande Colonial in La Jolla as an assistant in the sales department. Within a year, she took the catering and events specialist position that had been created for her. Amber continued moving forward, handling wedding and social event sales and execution, selling the property and ensuring that everything happened smoothly on site.

She just left the Grande Colonial in August in anticipation of a career transfer for her husband. Lucky for us, she'll still be in Southern California -- and still creating Red Letter Days for happy brides!

Amber's happy about staying local, too. She loves living in SoCal, especially the ability to have all kinds of fun in one day. It's possible to go to an amusement park, ski, go off-roading, and surf -- all within easy distance from home. All her family is here, which is the most important part to her and her husband.

That's a lot of why Amber enjoys coordinating weddings: they bring families and friends together. She also loves getting to help brides make their dreams come true, and as a recent bride herself, she knows what the process is like from inside and outside the big white dress! She knows how difficult it can be to answer seemingly simple questions, and she knows the thrill of having that childhood dream day come to life.

"I wouldn't trade that weekend for anything," she said about her own wedding, and she's dedicated to ensuring other brides feel the same way.

That resolve and the importance of family are why she chose to work with Red Letter Days. She was drawn to the company not only because of its gorgeous events, but also because it felt like coming into a family with everyone working together toward the same goals, using their unique strengths to make the group stronger as a whole.


Behind the Suit

Amber and her husband dote on their adorable Italian greyhound/Jack Russell mix, Raider. Amber also loves food and is an excellent cook. She makes all the classics you crave: chicken soup, chili, dijon chicken, stuffed bell peppers, enchiladas, and -- according to her husband -- "killer meatloaf." Baking is up next. So far, she's mastered chocolate chip cookies.

Her latest obsession is fantasy football. She's in a family league with four cousins, aunts, uncles, and a family friend. I think she's totally going to win because she has the best team name ever: Victorious Secret!

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