Friday, February 22, 2008

February soiree

On February 13, Red Letter Days ushered in Valentine's Day with another social and educational soiree for all staff members and associates. I was so disappointed that I couldn't attend that I've been pestering Bek and Mia for all the details ever since. I missed a good one!

Everyone met with Dawn Stone, principal designer, and Julie Lock, floral designer, of Embellishmint Floral & Event Design Studio. (Make sure you click that link. They have a fantastic logo! There are lots of gorgeous event images, too. -- just beautiful.)

As is so often the case, the discussion emphasized the importance of teamwork and open communication. The basis for a great marriage is also key in creating a wonderful celebration of that union.

Dawn and Julie provided so much great information about how event designers and wedding coordinators can work together effectively. The wedding coordinator provides the “foundation” for the designer to be creative from. In other words, the coordinator confirms and shares the timeline and other practical logistics and planning details that will enable the designer to do his/her job effectively and efficiently so that the client’s vision comes to life. With the nuts and bolts of a basic structure taken care of, the event designer can clothe that framework with all the beautiful details that make the day so special.

In setting up that foundation, the crucial element of budget is one of the most important elements. I know, I know -- the budget is somehow both boring and stressful simultaneously. But talented professionals have the ability to really maximize your dollars. Getting the money talk taken care of lets them do their job to the utmost and keeps everyone from experiencing heartache. It's terrible to fall in love with an idea, only to realize that it's out of reach. Even worse, I think, is realizing that you could have had that special touch, if only the designer and coordinator had known. (This is why communicating budget priorities is also key.)

And how does the designer start making dreams into reality? Dawn shared that she'll take whatever inspires the client most (whether it’s a color, particular flower, location, or theme) and creates the design of the overall event from there.

At this point, an upcoming Red Letter Days/Embellismint event was used as an example. And boy, do I wish I'd been there to see it!

We are lucky enough to have a few photos:

Listening and learning . . .

Julie (bottom right) nods in agreement with Dawn.

Dawn explains it all.

Look at those gorgeous fabrics (thank you to Concepts Party Rentals!)

And of course, getting to socialize and catch up is a key element of all Red Letter Days soirees. Everyone had a great evening recharging and having fun.

Enormous thanks to Dawn and Julie of Embellishmint for sharing their time and wisdom. We appreciate you so much!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valerie Balogh to Geoffrey Fox

Oh, this was such a romantic wedding.

I love the palette. The color of the bridesmaids' dresses is lovely, and they seem to complement the brides' lilies, as well as the bridesmaids' bouquets. I also like that the 'maids got to wear slightly different dresses made from the same fabric. That always lends such a nice, personalized touch to the event.

The ceremony site was so beautiful. The colors of the bouganvillea fit right in with the event's style. It must have been wonderful to walk past them going too and from the ceremony itself. With the palm trees and ocean in the background, this looks like a Southern California dream wedding.

I love the photo table. The bouganvillea in the background seem like part of the decor, and the gorgeous light makes the scene glow with the peachy warmth of the wedding colors.

I love family pictures, and a display such as this is so sweet. I know that as a guest, I'd love to take the time to write good wishes to the couple surrounded by such happy images.

Beautiful tables. Those candelabras are spectacular, and the flowers are once again just right for this warm, romantic event.

What elegant favor boxes.


And scrumptious! What a beautiful cake. I love the silver stand, too -- so elegant.

There's nothing like the first dance . . .

Love this champagne! It only makes sense that these two would choose a sparkling wine that's not only wonderful, but has such a pretty label, too.

Images of the wedding party in "the outside world" are so special. Everyone dressed in their wedding finery seems as though they've dropped out of a fairy tale. And this photograph is iconic, with the bride in her dress and that row of palm trees against the sky.

True love . . .

. . . pure romance . . .

Venue: La Valencia
Photographer: Sandra Beckman
Florist: Olga Brouwer / Rituals Floral Designs
Officiant: Family pastor
Caterer: La Valencia
Cake: It’s A Piece A Cake
Rentals/linens: Dreams Do Come True / La Valencia
Entertainment: Friends of the family
Guest accommodations: La Valencia / Best Western Inn by the Sea

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We have a new name!

Wonderful news: Red Letter Days is now officially Red Letter Days Events, LLC!

This change better reflects the work the company is doing with weddings, other celebratory events, and national production projects. (Plus, it's just elegant, don't you think?)

The Red Letter Days online presence and other materials will be updated to reflect this change over time.

Please join me in congratulating Bek and Mia on Red Letter Days Events, LLC!