Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elisabeth Michael to Todd Alexander

Elisabeth Michael and Todd Alexander are a couple who always remember the most important rule of marriage ~ keep each other laughing. It was with this appreciation for life's priorities that they approached planning their wedding. But married with their relaxed demeanor was a keen eye for the exquisite, and because of this duality, it was full-on aesthetic inspiration and good times while creating the destination wedding of these Chicagoans.

Cary Pennington Photography skillfully captured the intimacy and beauty of Elisabeth and Todd's nuptials, and the importance of the celebration that followed ~ always mindful of the playful nature of this bunch. As a side note ~ it was our honor to feature Elisabeth and Todd in our advertisement for Ceremony Magazine 2009 San Diego.

Elisabeth's gown was the primary source of inspiration for the other design details of the day.

With such an exquisite gown, a hand-tied bouquet of gardenia, roses, hydrangea, and peonies was certainly called for.

And with a touch of scent and sparkle...

...Elisabeth was ready for her day.

Todd was ready to go, fashionably early... make sure all of his responsibilities were met.

Guests arrived at the romantic garden for the eagerly anticipated ceremony and were greeted with beautiful floral...

...and lovely programs.
Todd was escorted down the aisle by his two sons, Max and Jack.

Elisabeth walked the aisle proudly and elegantly.

And as they exchanged vows and rings...

...loved ones from all over the world became one united family.

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander...

...and their little hams.

That's Elisabeth, always keeping it real.

And while Elisabeth, Todd, and the boys were off playing for the camera, guests were invited to cocktails for refreshment and preparation for dinner.

The dinner reception was set among the warmth and charm of candlelight and floral of the day.

Beautiful music serenaded guests.

A stunning wedding cake inspired by the design of the couple's invitation and programs.

A celebratory dinner with family and friends.

Sharing sweets.

Dancing the night away.

One last farewell...

...parting advice from dad...

...hello to new adventures.


Jessica said...

Oh, I love this wedding! That gown is incredible, and the stationery is gorgeous. Just fabulous.

Sue Merrill said...

Hey girls, a job well done. What a beautiful couple. Cary did an awesome job with the photos but he always does. I love the grand colonial, so intimate. Let's do another wedding together soon. I miss you two! Sue