Saturday, April 25, 2009

Images from the US Grant Wedding and Event Showcase

Last Sunday's Wedding and Event Showcase at the US Grant Hotel was spectacular. It featured some of San Diego's best event talent, and Mia and I were very honored to have been among those invited to participate.

When it came time to create our display, we knew we wanted something over the top that reflected our love of the unusual. We wanted a piece of art that allowed everyone involved to play unabashedly.

So who to partner with on this venture? LaVonne Zamora Crawford of Adorations Botanical Artistry, of course! Mia and LaVonne waxed inspiration ~ Mia desired a creation that was a nod to her home town of Lake Tahoe (Vikingsholm Castle, to be exact). LaVonne had an arsenal of mindblowingly cool ideas that she'd wanted to explore for some time.

What was created was The Secret Garden, a piece that showcased LaVonne's raw talent and paid homage to Red Letter Days' passion for the offbeat. We're thankful beyond words for LaVonne's generous gift of herself to this project. We also thank Karrie Pyke and Posh Paperie for the delicious paper product that adorned the table, and Dan Cournoyer and Chameleon Chair Collection for the use of the beautiful olive taffeta petals chair that partnered beautifully with the table displays.

The images to follow were masterfully captured by none other than our dear friend, Joshua Aull. Our thanks to him for sharing his Sunday with us.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun on Facebook and taken by Twitter

Facebook and Twitter. You know 'em. You love 'em. You're addicted.

So are we.

Come play on the Red Letter Days Facebook page and follow Mia and me on Twitter! Weekly, daily, by the second, Mia and I will be running RLD Polls on both...inquiries to capture your input on your past event experiences that are meaningful, insightful, or just plain off the wall (which y'all know we love).

Or just stop by to see the latest RLD haps or images. It's like our blog...but not.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The US Grant Wedding and Event Showcase

Come join Red Letter Days Events at The US Grant Wedding and Event Showcase this Sunday, April 19th from 12:00p - 4:00p. We'll be rockin' the Celestial Ballroom with all the sassiness that's fit to display!

Our BIG thanks to LaVonne Zamora Crawford/Adorations Botanical Artistry ~ Dan Cournoyer/Chameleon Chair Collection ~ Joshua Aull/Joshua Aull Photography for their partnership in creative play.