Monday, January 18, 2010

Festival of Brides in Black and White

On January 10, 2010, Red Letter Days Events participated in the Festival of Brides, The Upscale Bridal Show, at The Grand Del Mar. What a show!

We collaborated with LaVonne Crawford and her amazing team at Adorations Botanical Artistry to create a rustic yet edgy black and white sand ceremony altar that paid tribute to a new year, a new decade! The warmth of candlelight and yummy comfort of Chocolate Cherry Mama cookies (prepared specially by Lori Krause) greeted everyone we enjoyed spending the day chatting with.

Many thanks to Cary Pennington for capturing our unique take on the beloved ceremony altar and the way to rock a bridal show.

It is always more fun to display your promotional video atop a cake stand.

LaVonne's luscious bouquet was simply adorned with one of my mother's brooches.

Warm, happy, peaceful.

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