Friday, January 01, 2010

Reflections 1.2010

It's 2010! Let me repeat...IT'S 2010!!!!!

VERY exciting!

Prosperity and possibility are oozing from this year already. Mia and I thank years 2004-2009 (actually, we thank years beginning in the 1970s) for paving the way for this joy. We've created, we've collaborated, we've celebrated...thank you to all who have journeyed with us!

During Red Letter Days Events' inaugural year, we partnered with a group of ultra-talented musicians from the local and national stage to produce a benefit concert for The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation at La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, California. Donated instruments from concert attendees and proceeds from ticket sales were gifted to the Foundation. It was a transforming experience for everyone involved, and one that Mia and I are continually grateful for - the education we received and the sense of accomplishment we felt from completing that show launched RLD to a whole new level. Photographer Genevieve Burruss captured moving images from that evening...ones too beautiful not to share:

As we continue to soar...launch...soar...we take with us memories, lessons, and experiences that we intend will translate into creativity, collaboration, and celebration for you, our precious friends.

Happy New Year.


Susie Linquist said...

What an awesome experience! You two ladies deserve the best! Happy New Year!!!

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Sharon Troy Centanne said...

Congratulations Bek and Mia!