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Amber Gilliatt to Bryan Robinson

It's true what they say about remembering your wedding day forever. Since becoming a mother last summer, Red Letter Days planner Amber Robinson has been reflecting on her wedding (featured in Ceremony San Diego Wedding & Events 2009 magazine). She couldn't be happier with the joyful memories that came from all the planning and love that went into the event.

Here are some of her thoughts about that wonderful time. . . .

Our wedding was such a magical day. Looking back now, I can't believe it's already happened.

You're constantly running into people who, when the subject of weddings comes up, say, "Oh, I would have done this differently," or "I would have done that differently," and even today, people ask us, "What would you have changed?"

But I can honestly say, looking back, there's not one thing I would change. I loved every minute.
So many of my friends and family were so worried because I am such an organized person, and I want everything to be just so. My aunt who’s a nurse even came with a little emergency medical kit in case I made myself sick because I was so nervous or stressed out.

But I knew this wedding was only going to happen once, and I wanted to enjoy every single minute of it. So I promised myself, that when Thursday morning came -- the Thursday before the wedding -- I was going to let it all go. If it wasn’t done at that point, I wasn’t going to worry about it. And I kept that promise.

As soon as we went to the hotel, dropped everything off, and the car was empty, I was done. We drove to the nail salon, and I just relaxed and enjoyed myself with all my family and friends. I didn’t worry about anything from that moment on. It was completely out of my hands, and in the hands of Rebecca and Mia, and I completely trusted them.

You can see from the lovely details below that Amber's trust was well founded. The planning paid off, as all these elegant images show.

But not everyone knew and understood just how confident and relaxed Amber was able to be that day . . .

At one point, while we were getting ready on the morning of the wedding, my maid of honor -- my best friend, I’ve known her since I was five -- walked up to me and said, “Can you freak out about something, because you’re starting to worry us! You’re too calm. You’re making me nervous.” And I just had to laugh. I was happy. I was absorbing it all and enjoying every minute and taking it all in.

I can’t wait till my daughter has that same joy. That’s part of why I think I love being a wedding planner, because I want to give other brides that same satisfaction.

Before I got married, I wanted to give that to other brides, but now that I’ve had my wedding, I’m even more devoted to it. I can’t wait to make somebody else’s dreams come true.

One of the things that I love the most about our wedding day, which is a decision I never thought I would make, was the fact that Bryan and I chose to see each other before we walked down the aisle.

That’s something that he’d wanted from the minute we got engaged. He wanted to see each other first, get our pictures taken care of first, because he’s kind of a photo nut and wanted everything to be perfect. But I was worried about how untraditional it was, that it would take away from the magic.

Then one of my cousins said that the only regret she’d had on her wedding day was that she and her husband never had a few moments alone to really enjoy and experience the magic of the day. She wished she’d seen him before they walked down the aisle, because from that point on, you don't have the privacy to share the thoughts and the emotions that are welling up inside.

Bryan and I getting to have that moment beforehand was so unbelievably magical. It was just us and our photographers and videographer. We got to spend about 15 minutes with just each other, talking about how much we love each other and what the day meant to us and how much we meant to each other.

When the time came to walk down the aisle, we were able to enjoy it and see everything that was going on around us.

We were able to just celebrate and hear every word that was said during our service, to see the tears running down our parents’ faces and the joy in each other’s eyes, and, you know, laugh at the little quirky things that might be happening at any given second.

I am so glad we made that decision.

Your wedding day is just such an amazing time. I saw my grandparents dance and laugh, and my dad holding back the tears as we tried to dance. My husband was so emotional as he did his mother-son dance.

Being able to completely relax and let go was an amazing experience.

The only wish I have is that I could do it all over again . . . and not change a second.

Venue: Grand Tradition Estate / Pala Mesa Resort
Floral Design: Modern Bouquet
Photography: A House of Photography
Videography: Mission Visual
Cake: Jodee's Bakery
Linens: Concepts Event Design

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