Saturday, March 06, 2010

Reflections 3.2010

Let's dance...
Put on your red shoes
And dance the blues...
~David Bowie

Growing up, it was common practice for my mother and me to play music LOUDLY. David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, was our response to whatever showed up in life that day. My classmates in grammar school would say "Beki, your mom's here" when my mother would pull up to campus blaring Guns 'n Roses because she was in a great mood. My mother would know I had a rough day at dance rehearsal if she was met with no response to her calls for dinner because I was completely engrossed in the magic of The Smiths.

It was what we always did, together and individually. And it is a practice I continue with great fervor, especially this week.

This Wednesday, March 10th, my mother would have celebrated her 60th birthday. It is, of course, an adjustment for our family and friends to honor such a dynamic, amazing woman in any way other than in her beautiful presence. But this is why we have music.

Music marks the significant and transports us to times past. It is an integral part of the human experience. It is emotion, movement, spirituality, and celebration. It is an extension of who we are.

On March 10th, I have some pretty important music to play. I will turn my speakers to 11 so that Mom can dance to "Back in the High Life" and "Groove is in the Heart." I will celebrate LOUDLY in her honor and remember that to her, every day really was a red letter day.
*My thanks to Lori Krause, photographer and Red Letter Days family member, for spending time with my mother and me for two fine days in June 2006. Lori, I am forever grateful for the gift you have given me and those who loved my mother.


ScottE. said...

Bravo! I'll throw out some Bowie on the 10th.

Em said...

You can be sure I'll be representing Philly with the Beastie Boys!

DancerInDC said...

There is never an appropriate time NOT to play Groove is in the Heart loudly! I'm glad to celebrate that. Woe to anyone on the Metro with me.

Kristen said...

Beki, you have epitomized your mom's spirit as only you can. I am speechless (and in tears!). Patti will be remembered for the amazing woman, role model, and fun-loving girl I have loved my whole life not just on Wednesday, but forever. Thank you, and I love you :) You truely are your mother's daughter.