Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Mission Statement

Birthdays and anniversaries open the door to reflection.

In order to truly examine where Red Letter Days is as company and where it's headed, Mia and I pulled up the mission statement we created one summer day in a kitchen in Oceanside, California five years ago. That day, the coffee was flowing, a nice breeze was blowing...

We were inspired and full of possibility.

Red Letter Days believes that joy and support should be ever present when celebrating occasions of personal significance. Because we are a stand for acknowledging the greatness of other people, Red Letter Days creates events that authentically mark history in the lives of our clients.

Yes, that's Red Letter Days. What we established as the foundation from which to build and the north star to guide our journey has been actualized and is more relevant than ever.

Terrific! So with inspiration to the hilt and possibility abound, it's time to share those new logos...

1 comment:

Don said...

Its great to read such a clear mission statement. Its no wonder you are both so successful.