Friday, June 25, 2010

RLD's new look

Ahhh...nothing like a fresh, new look to put a spring in your step.

With the five year anniversary approaching, and neither Mia nor I wanting to do anything too drastic to our 'dos, we decided it was time for Red Letter Days to wash that 2005 out of its hair.

Both Mia and I knew we wanted our new logo to be created from a process that examined the mission on which we founded Red Letter Days and the road we have traveled so far. It would ultimately state what Red Letter Days is by reflecting who Mia and I are as people. It would also have to look really nifty.

Not a small task, so our artist partner would have to be someone who created similarly. Well, that's Wendy Ware. We asked. She said yes. Done deal.

Wendy is a phenomenal artist and master calligrapher (a rare find these days...her work is never created on a computer). She has generously shared her talent with the event community of San Diego since her arrival here 12 years ago. She and her business partner, Leslie Moss, have recently launched Wendelline Papers, a product line of event accessories, enclosure cards, and gift tags that Wendy has hand drawn. Super cool.

Wendy the lithographer and specialist in letter forms, and Wendy the driven, disciplined business woman, guided Mia and me through an intuitive process that examined what is most important to us as business partners and as individuals. We talked (a lot) and Wendy really listened. Ideas were clarified, options were efficient and effective time, we had our logos.

Logos? Plural? Yes. Mia and I loved the final two options so much we chose to keep both. They each reflect Red Letter Days but one is a little more me and one is a little more Mia. It will also come in handy down the road when we need a second logo. But that is a story for a different blog post (and no, we are not starting a catering company).

Here they are!


Jennifer Dery said...

hah - great look! I guessed it was Wendy before I read your post. Sweet ;-) Jen

Glenn Kramer said...

I love your new logo! It's classy and artistic. The "R" is beautiful!