Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reflections 9.2010

I began dancing at the age of four (oh, the memories...and now I recall why I love of red) but before I took my first ballet class, movement and music were food for my brain and soul. I was raised by audiophiles. It was inescapable.

I've been asked recently why I tweet a sample from my daily soundtrack each morning. Honestly, it sets the course for my day. I seem to naturally assign songs to people, to situations, to random things I observe. It's a fun and inspiring way for me to get my juices flowing. It sometimes cracks me up. At times I get a bit choked up.

When Mia and I get to know clients, one thing we chat about often is music. Obviously songs of personal significance are selected for poignant moments of their celebrations and their event soundtrack is given serious consideration. But beyond that, we like to know what makes up their daily music listening. It always keys in to the bigger picture and a better understanding of who they are as individuals, as a couple, as a family, even as a company.

Which leads us to ask...what makes up your daily soundtrack? Who is serenading your morning commute? Who is musically expressing your excitement for life? Who do you love to shake your groove thang to?

Please share! Inquiring minds want to know.

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Kimberly Jones said...

Lately the songs I've been listening to on repeat are:

Glitter in the Air - Pink
What do you want from me - Adam Lambert
On to the next one - Jay Z

The number one song lately for my daily soundtrack has been, Forever Young by Jay-Z. I love the original of this song from the eighties, but Jay-Z did an amazing remake. This song always makes me think of those wonderful moments in our lives that I just want to hold on to forever!